About us

Our company began its journey as “Stewards of the Land” revitalizing lands around O’ahu for agriculture and food production. As we continued on our path, we began gaining notoriety for our work in the field of sustainability, through our success with our produce and value added farm products. We honed our craft through daily farmer’s markets, catering on site of film productions, and servicing large crowd events in our well known food truck. As we continued to raise the bar and expand our company, we saw a need for a rustic style wedding catering company. We hand built our decor for event rentals to give us a unique look and separate us from other providers. Our concept was to serve the highest quality local ingredients and become the premier caterer on island for weddings. Our business took off and we grew our services to include wedding design and coordination. These successful enterprises were met with great appreciation and enthusiasm from our clients. At this point, we knew we had an opportunity to provide our guests with a chance to experience Hawaii through the cuisine, the celebrated places we had connections to, and the sharing of the Aloha spirit through our amazing staff. This is when the Hawaiian Heritage Tours became part of our vision. We started crafting curated excursions into historic places that were previously private areas not shown to the general public, and giving our guests a cross section of culture, history, stories and a lasting sense of place in the islands. These experiences are now seen as a renewed viewpoint from which to see Hawaii, showcasing the immense cultural depth Hawaii is renowned for.

We would like to invite you to attend one of our experiences such as our Hawaiian Wellness, Cultural Connection, or Hawaiian Legacy Yacht tours. We have designed all of our experiences to provide you with a better understanding of Hawaii and giving you a fun and memorable experience.

Hawaiian Heritage Tours began with a vision of bringing unique experiences to visitors through expanding their cultural knowledge of Hawaii and providing them with a sense of place here in the islands. Through teaching ancient wisdom passed down through oral tradition from generation to generation, we give our guests a deeper understanding of key concepts of Hawaii and leave them with an appreciation that remains with them forever. Our experiences are full of culture, history, and stories. Whether you are at one of our celebrated places, or aboard our private luxury yacht, we share curated information of this renowned civilization. Some of which consist of sections on advanced farming techniques, affinity for the arts, and royal lineages. We truly want to show you a way to feel included into Hawaii and its vibrant culture and enjoy every moment you spend here in the islands with us.

Hawaii is one of the most special and unique places on the planet Earth. This ancient civilization grew their collective knowledge to an unprecedented amount over 1000 years ago. Utilizing advanced farming systems, thriving communities were sustained and developed, with abundant food sources for hundreds of thousands of Hawaiians. With their insight into the ways plants could be compounded as medicinal remedies, the practitioners of these ancient Hawaiian medical arts provided healing and wellness to the people of the area. The skies were filled with the heavenly brightness of stars that guided the way of navigators and deep water ocean sailors. These skills were passed down from generation to generation through oral history. This knowledge the ancestors of Hawaii possessed was so righteous that it still is relevant and remains today to be shared with you. Our mission is providing you with a one of a kind experience that will be absolutely unforgettable. Please join us for an experience that will invigorate your Aloha spirit and connect you to the Hawaiian Islands forever.